Monday, July 20, 2009

Ola ! Ola !

Okay. Today was a not good day to laugh that much. Cause from this week , i think teachers and peeps are going to be serious about studies. And yes , im so scared. The notice board that always be update by CH , it wrote there said "5O DAYS TILL N-LEVEL." I think. Lol . Ouhyah , after singing the Majulah Singapura , Inz went home. His right eye kena kencing with lizard. LOL. No larh. He see lots of porn . No larh. He kena box by Chee Hao. No larh ! LOL. Actualy, i don't know why . Heehehee ! Anyway , today we had Maths for the first period. And yes , it was a fun lessong till time passed so dayummn fast. Haish. Graph topic was SO DAYUMNNN fun !! I think i can score well. After Maths was CPA. Okay , today was the day where Mdm S and Mdm J scolded us till end of the lesson. Casue we kept talking like chicken back-side. Then recess. All the parent volunteer to sell food . I and peeps sat at the table infront of the carpark. *Pandai-pandai larh korang carik mane eh* Okay , then EBS . WoooHooo ! Fun larh siot. Cause i like sitting beside Linda and my bloody crazy cousin Heryana. Well , i kept laughing for 2 period because Yana could not stop talking Indian to me and make so dis-figured faces. She's the best laughing gas person i guess. Then its R&R. *sleeping*

All we do was reading one article about Maria. Blah blah blah . So i turned around and look at Liyana . And i loooike how she laughed. She laughed like (insertwordhere) . So it was a boring period. When Hasif offered Mdm Y that if we listen some songs at Youtube, our class will keep quite. So she agree . But wth larh . He opened some song like people at Woodbrigde listen. -.-" Some techno or what song. Then he changed song to Calle Ocho sang by Pitbull. And all the guys starts to steam while watching the video clips. LOL . Then lunch. Followed by Study Period. Do some Survey. And Yana accidentally click refresh and need to do all over again. *two thumbs up* Tu larh , ketawe lagi kan :B Then after school we have MT oral. As im not good at malay language , the teacher said that the conversation SUCKS! Lol. No larh , only said that i need to give more opinion. After oral, i and GF went to Vista to had our dinner . Then went back home . I saw Irfan ! Then reached home . Do some revision. And here i am bloging something about today. Awwwww . Ouh ! Today Rif wore a spectacles. And he look like a geek but in a good way lah. When he used ear piece , he look like some guy who loss hearing. *inside joke* But dude , you still look good. See ? I praise you eventhough i don't talk to you that much. You like stranger never talk. -.-"

Tmr i got surprise for GF ! :)