Friday, July 24, 2009


WooHooo ! Today was the most B-O-R-I-N-G-est Racial Harmony Day in Secondary life. This is because we kena quarantine in the class. Since 3 of our class mate having flu and fever for 3-7 days. Fairuz was frustrated with that announcement till he can't stop mummbling to himself. Lawl ! Okayy, lets forget about that and talked about how things doing today. Well basically, i took a lot of picture. I wore a 3/4 cheongsam with white pants while GF wore malay guys costume. Erm , things become good when i took picture with Azri ! WooHooo ! But not my Handsome Prince. Dayummmmn ! When he's there , standing and taking picture with other students. I panicked and melt till i cannot tahan. Lawl. Hmm, i didnt' eat much just now since there's nothing nice. After recess, Mr J.Casked all the 4/8 students to go back their class. Because of the H1N1 thingy. So all our classmate sat inside the class watching Superman Return. -.-" Then i and GF get bored. I , GF and the malay boys took many photos together. One of them i have upload (picture above).

After school, i and GF went to CWP;Timezone. Played some games. Then our hyper girl came and joined us. We talked and talked and bumped into JT(yes,its Justin Timberlake) and James. So the three of us joined us. Then all of us went back home.Okayy, im tired and the Mcdonal Delivery guy will come soon to bring my late lunch. Im dayummn hungry now. GTG. Bye !