Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Second day of school , well it sucks to the max . Why , this what happend ..

I went to bed soon after i felt tired . Before that night , i felt like vomiting . And the next day , i went to take a bath to go to school , day 2 . I felt giddy . And i vomited . I called mom and said wheres the medicine that she always used . She told me that i don't need to go to school since im not feeling well . Its true though . Then i put some oil on my forehead and chest . Went to school . As soon as we sat down after singing the national athem . I don't felt quite well . And yess , i want to go home badly . But since , noone would picked me up . I 'tahan' the headaches . All i want was to end school quick .

Soon after school bell rang , i rushed myself to board the first bus that i saw right after i went out from the gate school . Board the bus with few of my classmate . And i just remembered to buy my cat's food . So GF and i rushed to the shop and bought some food . Then went straight home . I reached , put my bag down and rush to get a quick nap . I don't even have enough energy to go and bath . Night fall , mom and brother forced me to go doctor . And from then , i get a 1 day off-school . And thats why im not in school today . Ciao !