Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Very the selekeh"-Brother Fam

Ola Ola fans ! If i have one. So today topic is about Skinny. Lawl, No larh. First, lets celebrate that i have cut my fringe ! -.- Well, as you people know, every Saturday i must not be busy with anything. Cause every Saturday would be my Family Day. Well, today only me,my mum and my daddy. My first brother went to fetched her GF go to work.While my second brother just bought a new bike.So all busy except me.See how good girl i am,huh?! So in the morning, brother got fever blah blah blah. In the afternoon, first brother went out so as second brother. Then mummy called me asked me to waited for her and daddy at bus-stop. Then we proceed to CWP to have our late lunch together. After the three of us ate, i asked both my parent to followed me. Cause i want to show them the nike shoe that i adore. I know, so weird huh? Adore a shoe. Sound so wrong. *wondering* Then daddy went to looked around for some shoes for himself. Then went to Cotton On shop that has just open! WooooHoooo ! Should go jalan-jalan with mummy !! Lawl.

After that , we went home. Reached home. Second brother asked to come down to SHOW OFF his newest bike. Well, im impress with the pipe. Went the bike start , i think you people need to use cotton bub to closed your ear. Lame Lame !! Then i try out the bike. Well, the disc brake spoilt. -.-" I really like it. As we're playing with the bike. First brother came, and he also try out the bike. Ride around the blocks and came back. Then blah blah blah... All went home, and few minutes, mum woke up. First brother,me and mummy went jogging at the hill near our house. Second brother was so pemalas today. Excuse: "Demam ah" -.- Then after mahgrib, we went home. Bathed and here i am blogging. First brother promise to take me out today! GTG. Ciao ! Ouh! Here's some photo of their bike.

First brother bike

Second brother old bike.
We will miss you,JUNIOR!
18.05.08 - 23.07.09