Saturday, July 4, 2009

Yesterday , i and my peeps watched Transformer 2 . The show BAM ! Marvellous show . All the scene that have Megan Fox , all the guys will you know .Okay , thats all i want to say.

Today , i went out with my family . But first brother always could not make it. *boring face* So we had a GREAT family day . Yes , like totally . We haven't spent some time together for ages . So after mom and dad finished working , they pcked us up at the nearest bus stop . Then we went to CWP to have out late lunch together . And yes , Daddy was very sportive today. We had our lunch at Banquet . We had fun . After that , we went down and Dad was very curios what's inside Timezone . So i and second brother forced them to go inside . Konon nyer explore larh . Daddy watched little kids playing cars and he laughed . Haaha ! Then Daddy and Mommy played this one game . Very cute . Mom went like "Makcik pakai tudung main seyyy !" Haahaaa. Then after that , i pushed Daddy to go Courts . Since i can't wait to see my laptop whihch coming soon . Well , quite nice larh . Not that bad .

So brother followed mommy go survey something . While me and dad went to Handphones section and video camera section . Nothing caught our eyes . So went to mom and brother . They bought rice cooker -.- So they go paid the stuff . While me and daddy went to this OTO stuff . He tried this item . And guess what ? Dad want that stuff . Planned to buy it . But mom said it will be his birthday present since his birthday are around the corner , 11 July . Yeahhhhhh !! Daddy happy . Then mommy want to eat Ice-cream . So we went to Gelare to grabbed some desserts . Bought two ice cream with waffles . Yummmmsss ! Then of we went home . Nice day with my lovely own family ! Peace out ! :]

To Mr J ,

I may not know you or i may not have seen you before . But girls do have feeling you know . Fat or Skinny , both have feeling . If you don't like her because of her appearence , just say to her NICELY . Yes , there's such thing as talk to her nicely . Rather than leave her waiting . So yeah . Don't bother to choose over looks than heart . For what , if a beautiful girl with a bitch heart ?

Thank you .