Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Well, today is Wednesday and i can't wait for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. WoooHooo! This is because on friday, there picnik for me and GF. While on Saturday, my family and i will be going Johor again to do some shopping and lastly, Sunday, because there will be no school for Monday. Great huh ?!!? Anyway, today is a wonderful suddenly...nothing happend. LOL. No larh. Today i had a very good laughed with my cousin and GF. We laughed and laughed until the end of the day. Today no math *wide smile* Before i forget, i passed my english paper with FLYING COLOURS !

Erm, today Mr Ehem Ehem look so smoking today. *mata saya berjuleng* EBS lesson went to the lab to finish printing our coursework. I have done it and im dayummnnn happy ! For some not yet. So during Lunch break and Study Period, we booked the Lab and stayed inside till the end of the day. Well, frankly speaking, my class was like a zoo. And the zookeeper was Solihinz. Who shout every single time when KB started to called out people name from the front. KB job was to shout at someone to let him/her collect his/her paper. Maybe Hinz was irritated by KB trumpet sound of voice. LOL. Okayy now , im tired and sleepy. Ciao ! *i know this is a bad closing :) *