Thursday, August 20, 2009

*Boyfriend, buy me a POOH bear bigger than this, okay? LOL!

Firstly, i want to special thank to Syaza, KB and Nash for the cute POOH.
And also, GF for giving me POOH keychain.

Today i should have my CPA preliem 2. And i didn't come to school cause i have a HIGH fever. Man, you should see my condition on yesterday evening. I cried like i saw a ghost. Not a ghost actually , its just that when im sleeping, my late grandfather was there sitting beside me and say some prayers for me. Then i cried and cried until my second brother came home. Then mom and dad came home around 8 plus. I told my mom what i saw. And i don't know if she believe me. After mom cook-ed , she came in and sleep beside me for the whole night. She massage me in the head and my leg and i fall asleep. She told me to go to the doctor for MC for today(210809). So here i am waking up around 2.00pm. Mom called and asked me what i want to eat. She will be home soon. Bye :D

* if i have one. ^___^