Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Don't blame me for talking about this for today post ;DD

Okayy people, today, i had a blasting good time with GF and few other malay boys which included my Walking radio(you know who). It was all started from PE lesson. Where i went crazy shouting like gorilla here and there. Well, PE must be happy mahhh. Then suddenly, this one gundu guy go and surf the ball and hit my solid head.LOL! Then just a lil' tear roll on my cheek. Then that gundu apologised:)

Then next crazy thing was during MT lesson. Mdm Y came late into the class.As per normal, the malay boys started to make joke. And you guess right, it's about the "Asia Avril Laving!!" Acul who started that whole "Avril Laving" thingy. And yes, i get crazy once he start and end the topic. You should hear his very very sing-lish voice. As i was sitting beside him. I could hear him saying some jokes. GF reminded me of the "Im going back to hell!" LOLOLOLOL! GF have a rock voice. I wonder since when she became a rocker. Hah!

Then after school, went to pasar malam where you can see some mat-rep hang around and disturb girls. And this one pakcik nak mampos said "Hey manis, nak kebeb?" GF and i was laughing. Like you expect a pakcik to say that? *HUH face* Ouh, when we're in the bus, some Siling Sec mat-rep tried to get our attention by standing beside us and holding the pole. And give the "stare-stare" look at us. I wonder if GF noticed. Whats with mat-rep and their trademark. Anw, went back to school and revise some science. When home alone, and first thing i saw was my brother and all the family member below the void deck. And guess what? Brother got into accident. He is not injured, but the car was damn badly crash.I was so sleepy and cannot tahan, went up first. To watched Singapore Idol, cannot miss. Hehe! Then bath-ed and now posting or blogging or whatever you named it. CIAO!