Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Handsome(s)

Thrusday, where upper secondary will have their assembly. And for today assembly, was so (insertwordhere). We are celebrating the secondary 3 who have just receive their NRIC card!!!! -.- What my principal said 'Lets celebrate this moment' . The celebration for the secondary 4 , for us, we laughed as all the student get their NRIC card with proud. For any secondary 3 student who read this, i don't need your comment :B Anyway, the express classes was boring, since many of us do not know the chinese. But for the Acad and Tech , at least we clapped. Caused we know few gentlemen and ladies. Anyway, congrats ! :) Happy-happy using it.

After that, was PE. And yeahhhhh! At least it was fun. Lets give each group a name. Lets called our group the 'ZEQF' vs 'LLNH'. The 'LLNH' the best player was Hidayu, the cute player was Linda a.k.a Walking radio and finally, the girl who want to hit the ball skali bang the car name Liyana! :D We were playing with laughter so we didn't count any scores. I think there's no point cause we played anyhow. LOL! Then recess. Followed by Math. Did some correction on the foolscape. English up next. Then lunch and last but not least Study Period. Went home early and the planned to watch 'School of rock' was cancle. So went back home. Sleep till breakfast. Only then, i realise both my brother bring along their GFs to have breakfast with us. Pictures will be upload later. Hmmm, i should bring my handsome along to breakfast with us. LOL!

If i walk away and just let you leave, you'll be stuck in my head like a melody.