Monday, August 31, 2009

Hello poops! Okay, today is 31/08/09 and its ........... Teacher's and Staff Day! aka Teacher's Day. Well, as usaul, for today, teachers will relax while the student leader lead us. Today event
  • Sport
    - Friendly Soccer, teacher vs student
    -One more, i forgot :)
  • CE Lesson
  • Recess
  • Concert
And, the most favourite part? The CE lesson. We had the FUNNIEST teacher day celebration ever! Cause after watching class video, cried, playing taboo. The malay 'mat-rep' in our class tried to cheer us up by dancing 'tektonic'. GF have the video and i will upload soon okay. LanCino who starts to dance. And followed by our lovely teacher Mr S.

Then Acul pulled Mdm Yap out to dance with him. They duet. Very cute i tell you. Acul doing a dance which look as if he was pulling Mdm Yap with rope. Romantic you! Then Acai start to duet with Mr S and everybody starts to dance and shout like monkey including me. Till the other classes came by to checked us out.

Then they so kayyypo go inside our class. -.-' After a longggg dance together, Mr S asked us to sit and he told us something which was very touching siaa.

After that, AVA took our class photo for the last celebration that we will have. Then recess. After that CONCERT!!!!!!!! The celebration this year was the BAM! But cannot beat last 3 years. Where our senior dance. This year, more singing than dancing. I like the performance on the dancing by the sec 2 student leader. Best best ! Okay, after school ended, i and GF went cwp. K.I.S.S , breakfast. Ciao!

I would like to thank you to this handsome people for making today a very meaningful & enjoyable day!