Sunday, August 9, 2009

I was bored, and i bloghopped here and there. And i found this one blog and he/she worte this ...

The reasons why i hate typical matreps ;

99.9 % of matreps are sengket

They will usually dress up with their v-shape shirt , skinny jeans , 3 quarter tight jeans , fucking lame jade , school shoe , truck cap , $10 fake watch , superman belts and their small bag pack / $10 LIFE SPIRIT BAGS @ woodlands center/pasar malam

They are only daring when they are in a group and not alone. They'll walk sat-sat when actually they look like penguins ( hahahah )

They will shout like chipanzees , laugh at people , ask for girls number (so pathetic) in public.
& the most pathetic part is the " staring part " jengjengjeng , hahaha trying to act tough by finding fault with the publics. merepek sia.

Most of them usually steal their family members money , chongkong their neighbourhood slippers , rude to their parents. I know some of them actually beat their parents up. neraka jahanam nye anak ni semua ^_^

They'll sweetalk to their girlfriend or even girlfriend(S) , after they pangkeng them , they are proud of themself , if they record their pangkeng video they will bluetooth around the video to their friends. They usually pangkeng at tent , staircase , chalet or carpark.
So cheapskin , they are the reason why the malays are being look down.

The places where you can find matreps ; pondok , resident corner , shopping malls , peninsula , marina , anywhere !

When they are inside the jurong hq most of them cried , when they get out from that place ; they act tough , haha

fuck you all matreps ! please vanish away from this earth.

Let's continue with minahreps ! I'm anti-minah reps.

They will usually wear anything that is expose to the public , might as well go naked.
You guys should know how they dressed up so typical , they will either wear tube , $10 shirts , fake "bebe/MNG" tanks/shirt , skinny jeans , tights ...
That can be bought at pasar malam , peninsula , pasar ! haha

They will use a wayang pek jie make-up , draw macdonalds eyebrow with a harsh colour ,
SHINING BLUE EYESHADOW , thick blusher that looks like a clown ! hahaha
They will talk in an unknown language , only their species understand them
example " ay , iy beryy tirredd lahh sey , taqq leyy tahan lahh kanns"
They have low class language , i wonder since when I is change to "Iy" , stupid minahs !

When they saw a bunch of matreps sitting somewhere they will get excited and walked passed them , when they are walking they expect they mats to asked for their numbers and they will act as if like " jual mahal".

Attention seekers , talk vulgars in public , fight over a guy and so on ..