Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'hv watched G.I.JOE !
Delicious! .. i mean BEST BEST BEST ! Go watched go. Actually i have already watched it since last week. But im too lazy too write here .LOL. But now , since im fasting and im too lazy to go out with some people who asked me out, i killed time by slacking and now updating my blog with some updated outing:B Okayokay, the movie was nicenice! My opinion, i want Duke/Luke/Buke wife to be dead. Dayummn. You guys go watch eh. The show so tempting when the part where the snake eye fight with his so call 'brother' . WoooHoo! And at the end, the sister still didn't know that her brother still alive. -.- Story hang.

This so veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy scary. I haven't watch, but i have already know what is it about. I think it is about the end of the world. Where people say that the Japanese calander ends on year 2012. Don't say lehhhh , make me scared only. It may end at 2012, but still can make new calander what on another year. I don't believe ! The picture scare me when brother showed me. And the below wrote 'We Were Warned' . More scary right ?
But im a RAWR girl , i still want to watch ... Anyone? heee~

Im suppose to watched this show with first brother. But he go buy G.I.JOE -.- People say this show scary. So anything scary, i want to watch. But but but , if i watch this movie, i want my second brother besdide me. No lah , i no scared one lah*singlish siaa* ... just want him to explain the storyline to me if i doesn't know what the people talk talk. :)

I will have a proper update after my break-fast, or tomorrow :D