Friday, August 28, 2009

My Entertainment, My Emo friend, My Merdeka & My english buddy !

TGIF. I'hv waited for friday since monday siaa. LOL. Cannot wait to wake up late tmr and go shopping with my dearly parent! Cause they off for tmr and maybe Sunday. School was okay. The first four period was fun, we stayed inside the Computer room for 2hrs. Since Math, they replace it with CPA. Recess was bored. After recess till the end of the day, was B.O.R.I.N.G ! The chinese student have their own remedial while the malay slacked in the classroom. Mr S teach Rifdi math while the rest kayyyporr. But the girls, sleep sleep and sleep. For some, reading books. I think this year N-level, i didn't feel anything. :)

After a long day , GF, me, Frank, Rifdi and Jame took the very first bus home-d. With this one innocent guy. The 5 of us talked at the back. When it is Rifdi's stop, he say hi to the guy like he know him only. The guy look at him with 'do i know you' face. Haaah! Then we laughed. Alighted the bus at civic since we want to accompany Jame to print his parent CPF slip. While we say goodbye to Frank. Then after printing, Jame went home. Movie was cancle due to something -.-" Then went window shopping with GF. Im gonna bought that pants with brother tommorow!! Yeahhhhhhhh . Then went home. Fall asleep at mom bedroom since she on two air-con. Freezing seyy. Then wake up da buke! Don't feel hungry pon. Then now, im blogging and im lazy to bathed from school. LOL! Ciao!

Nothing gonna changed.