Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday, planned with brother to go shopping was cancle. Cause instead of going with him, i went with my very very long primary school friend. Well, we meet at around 2 at BNS. Then went straight to buy something for teachers day. Im going for something different. People always buy things at Give a name shop or any other shop that sell the same thing. -.-" Later all teacher got the same present. LOL.

I print some photos of the whole classmate and bought 2 frames. And wrap it. Alah, simple but got lots of memories on it. :) Then wanted to bought the pants but the offer already finished. So sweyyyyyyy!!!!! So we went to Pasar malam and bought clothes! Alah, can also lahh. Then went back home sweet home cause i bought CD and i want to watch ! ;D

Brother and i sat on the sofa with pillows and watched. Till its nearly breakfast, wahhhhh so fast ;D
Eat eat and eat.

After that, didnt' go terawih. :(

You can Never Say Never .. Don't let me go