Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Somehow , i feel like not going ITE after N-level.
Im gonna miss each and every person in this LOVELY photo.

Around 8th or 18th of October, it will be our last day of school. Dayummmmn fast. Haish , i wish that all my classmate will be in the same class, same school and same course. LOL, i know lah cannot. But yeah, im gonna miss all of the people that i'hv known for almost 4 years of my High School life. We'hv been through ups and down. All that fighting and hatered, may be the sour part. But the most sweetest part, was the first Sentosa Trip for the whole class. And also the sec 3 BBQ at Mr See blk. I love you people very very much. And good luck for your N-level paper. And remember guys, only left 29 days to N-level*eyes blinking* Gee!~ Im crying , wt--- I just wish you people read what im writing but nahhh , im too shy. Hah~ I end here now.

I LOVE YOU, 4_TEAM_8 ;'(