Saturday, August 15, 2009

Today i woke up so dayummn early. 7.36am i woke up and the first thing i checked was the calendar. I slept the whole afternoon till the next morning.There was nothing i can do around the house, so i texted Frank to accompany me go jalan-jalan. He replied in the afternoon, and off we meet. Meet him around 5.30pm and we really go jalan-jalan. Since the planned to watched movie was cancle due to something. Then we talked things out. Chatted while walking at the treehouse. Then we shared some videos and yes, we laughed. Ouh!He got some hot guy in my class naked photo .. LMAO!

Then we went back home cause he need to go chalet. I send him and took bus home. Alighted the bus and saw Syaza-my senior otw to VP same as me. So i accompanied her go VP. Then veryyyyyy last minutes plan. We bought water and walked till 888. Bought few school stuff and walked to Admiralty. Then eat at McDeeeeee ! Suppose to go pasar malam/night market but instead we go CP cause she wants to buy wet tissue. Search and search but cannot find it. At last im th one who buy POOH piggy bank for myself ! Then we took bused home. I came home later then what im suppose to be home but mummy didnt scold me :DDD

I went home and saw some gentlemen praying for the upcoming ramadhan which will be on this Saturday. Wooohooo !! And not far from the praying place, some mat reps playing poker cards. Stupid Bloody Mat Reps , kalau tak nak sembahyang pon main lah jauh-jauh. Stupid korang tak leh angkat siaaa, seret pon tk leh siot. BODOH !