Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yesterday i met Heikel and he is smoking hot. But cannot beat my killer smile babe. LOL.
Well, basically, he grew taller and dress like a normal guy. Not like some matrep with tight jeans and 1/2 of their eyebrowns gone. LOL. And my family day for yesterday went well. Saw Hinz mom.

For today, both my brothers and me went downstairs to played badminton together. Since me and my first brother want to loss some weight. We look like pig. While my second brother try to prepare for his NS(National Slavery)*is that how you spell* Anw, tmr schooling. Urrrrhh, im tired and lazy. But not to worry, less than 2 months and im OUT FORM THAT (insertwordhere) SCHOOL!!! WoooHoooo!! And i can't wait to go for a holiday trip which will be on 8 august! This coming Saturday. Both my brother GF will be joining us. And mommy said: "Haiz.. nanti biler lah Farah nak ajak matair." Alahai, malu lah. LOL. Okay okayy . Im otp now. Ciao !

PS: Blame this stupid blogger for not letting me upload my pictures. -.-