Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yey ! Today first brother and i will be going CP.He will buy his new hp,Omnia or watever it call. And he must treat me Pastamania for my upcoming birthday , LOL! I LOVE MY BLOODY BOTH BROTHER ! Even if they bully me.

Yesterday was fun, my second brother and i was playing puching and pushing one another *see i learn to be rough to guys from my second brother.. lol* and when i wanted to go out, i smack my butt with 'rotan' because i take his pillow and throw at me. Crazy brother but fun. And also, he still say if im okayy or not pain. Of course pain lah , haiya! -.- Okay-okay- at night i will update or not cause i still havent revise my science yet. OMG-AY ! >.<