Friday, September 18, 2009

1 more day till the end of Fasting Month! I can't wait to eat the food in the canteen. I miss the Milo, i miss the red plate, i miss the green plate, i miss the fruits and i miss bread? I love this year fasting month, why? Cause i didn't miss any day you know. Lucky no red traffic light. Lol! Uhm, i promise myself that i will be matured enough to tahan those hungry-ness. Not like some people didn't fast in the class. Boys somemore. Tak nak puase pon, takyah lah tunjuk the whole world yang kau tak puase kan? -.-" If someone terase, sorry ah :B

Today school was the best! Lesson was all not that bored. Only Science period. Too long and too noisey. Then then someone didn't come to school seyy. I cannot make joke. I can't turn behind and laughed. Asal tak datang, malas ehk awak?

After school, i wish to tell him; Selamat Hari Raya but but im too kecot. Haaah! Stayed back with CH, KB, DS and GF. We had a dayummmn good day together-gather. We studied while making some jokes. I didn't know that CH was that rude or cunning. :) We went to the school library and lend laptop. We went to youtube. Find some prank video and DS was so noisy when he was laughing. Irritating siaa! After a long hours inside the library and it was raining plus cold!

We went to canteen to warm ourself up. Studied and played one game that i invent *kening up-up*
DS said i was lame. Then we talked about the last 3 years, any fight or whatever. We had a long talked. And CH said that DS ez-link card picture when he was primary school, like a boy selling kaya bread at Sheng Shiong ! Funny! Heres one funny conversation:

CH: 'I don't like E spectacles. So big'
Me: ' Ouh, for me, i don't like people wearing like nerd specs when they're not that nerd. Big-big and circle.'
KB: 'Ouh like mine ah?'*pointing to his spec*

All laughed. Cause we didn't notice that his spec was that circle. And laughed that, KB didn't changed his spec for the last 3 years while DS changed 4 spec within 4 years. Haaah!

Okayokay, im too tired. And i suddenly miss that ehem ehem :B
Im listening to Part of the list- Ne-yo. Ouh, how i wish someone sing for me. Can can? Lol.

I saw Mr S at cwp. He look so innocent and small. Hahahhaha! Also, at bns, cwp and night market, theres so many MR. Too many that i get irritated with their 'stare and flirt' face. -.-" MR are the people who i won't look at. Wearing their 'Singapore Banjir' pant , damn high cap with $10 jade. Tsktsk.

Alright, gtg. Bye booby!

To muslim friends, strangers, family etc etc:

sape tak puase full, puase lah kamu. Dosa tau. Tuhan tak suke, saye pon tak suke ;)