Saturday, September 5, 2009

As i told you people, the graduating class will have their 'Blessing Day' on Thursday. Well, some cried. Mr S promise to Mdm Timah that he will eventually cry on that day. Mrs Kok gave us the permission to bring handphones on that day to take photos ! Wohooo. It only last for 1hr30mins. Then back to lesson. The photo(above) was taken during recess on friday. Rifdi and Solihinz did not come, so they're not in the photo. Macam tau jer nak amek gambar dorang.

Erm, teachers from all subjects who taught us, gave up their lesson. Not that they are lazy, but they asked us to self-study for Monday. Why Monday uhs? N-level !!!!! And now, im still in my Lalaland. -.-  I have no mood to study. And i don't know what to study.
On friday, after school, went straight home. Cause we planned with the 'Kaki Gerek' to breakfast together-gather. So went back home fast. Sleep till 4.30pm. Acai woke me up by msg-ing me and tell me to meet at 7-11. Have a quick bathed then rush to meet him and Amat. Took bus 900 and meet Rifdi at BNS. We was late. Hahaha! In the train, kecohkecoh. Acai teased me by saying that my watch buy at pasar malam. Then Rifdi teased him back by saying that his so called 'pirated croc shoe' was fake. Hahahaha! Once reached at our destination, meet Qima.

Msg Jannah, she thought kite sume tak jadi. -.-  So waited for her. Fetch her at MacD. Then walked around till its nearly breafast. The table there was not connected together. So we seat seperately. Jannah with Amat one table. Acai with Qima one table and Me and Rifdi one table. All very the kecoh. But Rifdi all the way played his PSP. Boring siol kalau sape jadi matair dier. LOL! Then one by one bought their food. Only Jannah didn't buy cause DIE TAK PUASE! Haha!

After breakfast, Acai go home first cause he want to played football. Walked till Chong Pang. Jannah went to meet her friend. Then the 4 of us, went back to Woodland by taking bus. Long trip i tell ya.

Walked around CWP. Saw Syaza friend, sape name dier? Sharifah, i think. So tall. Hah! Then Jannaj want to meet us back at Woodland. We chillax at one place till late. Then all very the lazy and tired. All went to their respective Home Sweet Home!
Jannah was suppose to be on the right hand corner. Lol!