Sunday, September 6, 2009

He have the Agnes Monica look, right ?

Preety right? His name; Nong. He won the Miss Tiffany's Universe 2008. He has the beauty of a girl. Thats right. He is a Boy. I was watching Channel NewsAsia when a show; 'Almost Famous' talk about 'Ladyboys'. They're from Thailand. The picture above, he won the champion on 2008.

I cannot find the clear look of him. You can check out yourself. People in Thailand, the society cannot accept 'ladyboys'. They look down on them for some reasons.
They even showed some old 'ladyboys'. For me, they still have a women looks but.. the voice which scares me the most. Low voice which makes me not to look nor hear it. When the 'ladyboys' still young they live in a beautiful place but when they're old, you can see that their place of living was like a rubbish. Full of junks cause their parent could not accept them. Since then, they do not want to stay with them.

Brother was shocked. Haah. He said that Nong has everything. The face, the body. And im so jealous. Hee. Anyway, the picture below, the 'lady' in the center, he won the Miss Tiffany's Universe 2009.