Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hello again poopy! As i tell you, that i'll be going out with the 'kaki gerek' in the end, the gerek pon. Hah! Frank decided to cancel cause they're tired after the paper. Like wth baru 1hr10mins. -.-  So i was bored and really really want to go out to get fresh air after all those study study and study. So i msg-ed my friend. My primary and secondary school friend. I don't msg GF cause i don't want to trouble her. Came all the way to Woodlands just to breakfast with me. Uhm, i managed to persuade her to follow me go and breakfast. And i love her!

So we met at BNS at 5.15pm. Since im too eager to go out. Heh! So we walked around Causeway Point till 6.30pm. And then we went to MacD to breakfast; only for me. Heh! The couple next to us. Didn't fast, so tidak malu. Makan macam tak banyak dosa jerr. Malay people who are around, looked at them like 'kiwek! buat malukan masyarakat melayu jerr' , i think makcik-makcik face also like that. Hahahha!

Talked and talked, i went to buy my food around 7.oopm. The queue was like people buying 4D sia. Haha! Time for breakfast already and im still queueing to buy 4D, hahahha! My turn, i asked my friend; Eugenia to fed me fries. As im holding the tray.

Then, we went to our chilling-chilling place to hang around. We gossips like what girls do when they meet. Talked about love life, talked about school, exams, what course, whats the latest gossips in the class, who like who lah. Almost everything. Once, we talked about her mum who pass away. And i was touch by her story. After much talking, we went home. Cause chinese poeple cannot go home late night. Hungry Ghost Festival mahhhh. Eeeee! Okay then, im going to watch 'Gerimis Di Hati'. Bye sexiest and not sexiest poops!
With Love,