Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hello poops!:B Sorry for not updating for quite sometime. Konon belajar lah tuhhhh! GF didnt came to school today. But anw, i had lots and lots of fun laughing with Linda and gang. Talked and talked with Nash-mora, Nasruno and KB.

Lets start with assembly. -.- Totally boring, and Mr J was so (insertwordhere) that he asked us to sing once more. Whatthe? For PE lesson, there should not be any lesson. But our malay and chinese boys was so active that they forced Mr B to let them played soccer. So Mr B said yes. I stand at the back door alone and watched them played.

Some donno how to play but tried their best though. Recess was FUN! I joined Linda and gang. We talked about Timezone. Lol! Its just random, only we know la eh.

Math, a 'new' teacher came and joined us. Followed by English but since Phase 1 are over, theres no English or MT lesson.;B

Lunch was boring ): I didnt do anything but only read Dennise Straits Time. -.-'
I got fed-up with the malay boys in the class. So dayummnn (insertwordhere). Lagi-lagi yang the far right facing the board. I get irritated went someone start to laughed like Acai. So terrible seyy. :B

Study Period, Mr S came into our class. I know that someone melt after seeing the teacher infront. Haaaaah! Hes not that good looking btw. LOL! Uhm, Mr S gave him some 10 years series for us to do. Urgh! And im stuck, so what to do? Study study and study!!

p/s: for some girls, after breaking up with boys, why do you have to cry after he dump you? While he doesn't even cry for you, only if he act macho. Lol! Get over it and find some guy which is more better than that idiot. All girls know how to do is cry cry cry, later got eyebag not preety. So cheer up shawty!
Even i, hard to believe that guys are that sincere to us. Tsktsk!