Thursday, September 24, 2009

I miss this outing so much.
So GF and BF, can we have another outing like this again, please? <3

Aloha poopys! Miss me right *kening up-up* So anyway, this few days, i'hv been busy with my works. And i'hv just started my tuition with my seniors. Thank you lovelies. Well, report book was given to us and must ask parent to sign. I did preety badly. No no wait, DAMN bad. I didnt came for my CPA paper, and i get a U grade for the subject. Usually, i will always have a U grade only for maths. Da biase pon. But this time, i have two freakiong U grade. Dad just sigh and sign.

I didnt came on Tuesday. Disebabkan Hari Raye and orank-orank kampong datang loh. Raye till 2a.m and sleep at 3.00a.m. I was too tired that mom asked me to rest for the whole day of tuesday. The next day, came to school and pass up the report book. Mr S said, "No need to give back. Keep it for your ITE whatever." I was like "WHAT?!" Kalau aku tau, takyah bagi sign sey. -.-"
For the whole day of Wednesday, was the most boring day. Most of the happyhappy people that make my day with their jokes didnt' came to school. Tsktsk. Poeple like Hasif, Solihinz, Rifdi, Amin etc etc.

Then today, more people came to school. Lol. Then Mrs Kok said that on tuesday, she came into our class and found out that 13 student didnt' came to school. 0.o Noone told me that she came to the class to check the number of people who didnt' came. After skipping school and didnt' pay attention in class. I started to focus more now after giving my Dad my terrible results. Urgh. Sorry ayah. But no worries, i'll work hard this time. :B

I have to stayed back and do some file checking. And meet my seniors with Nashimora. We did some 'art' and revise math. I LOVE math! *inside joke* After that, we were hungry. To save budget, we bought epok-epok at OCK. Then waited for bus. Saw dearest dearest Muhammad Fadhil bin Soffee. He just came back from Clemanti Town or whatever it called. Okayokay, theres something i want to announced.... Uhm,uhm *cleaning throat*



for winning the 1st in the whole of Singapore school in Math whatever competition!!