Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mommy, mommy! Lets shift house, the mats singing at the void deck very the noisy. (:

Hello poops! Tommorow school , are you game? Lols. Im not ready for tommorow, im not ready for Phase 2 of N-level paper nad im not ready to revise my book. Ugh. Some of my poops used to said, 'Its like yesterday, we teased thoes people who taking the N-level'.

After only 4 days of resting and only 2 days of going out, im bored :B Math homework, need to do the whole book and im still not done yet. Half of it? I msg Syaza;my senior to help me out. Im starting my 'tuition' with here starting from Wednesday onwards. Cause tommorow, i have promised my brother that i will be joining them buying engagement stuff at town. And tuesday, my CPA exam. Tsk.

Just now, i watched tvee with my beloved mommy and daddy. There's one show called 'Ketuk-ketuk Ramadhan'. My no. one cooking show. The celeb was Fizo Omar. Oh, ganteng bangat. He cooked a dish veryy veryy unique, i tell you. Then after the show, i feeling-feeling to eating some guy cooking. Lols! Berangan macam Mat Jenin. Hahh!

Today, all of us clean the house cause

Till here then. I'll be back soon, aye? Take care poops! (:

K, i want you to cook for me, can ? *kening up-up*