Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today, i wake up at 8.oo in the morning. Brother GF came and sleep here. Uhm, i don't know what to do. Don't expect me to study -.- So i played DJ-Max early in the morning. Hah! I can't sleep so i spent my time playing with the laptop. I bloghopped here and there. And i entertain myself by going to youtube and search for something funny to cheer me up.

Funny? Anyway, i think and think and think.To have a boyfriend is not a bad idea after all. I always searching for someone to go out with me or go breakfast with me. Most of my friend will reply and said 'sorry ah dok, aku kuar ngn bf aku ah' -.-

I would go myself or asked some chinese people to accompany me. Boring but what to do. I want to have a boyfriend but here's the thing i want them to have:


-Loving & Caring
-Be there for me
-Sense of Humour
-No dirty dirty minded
-Not gay (HAHA!)
-Trust me
-Not money minded
-Killer smile
-Malay or Chinese
-Strong in religion
-Neat and Tidy dressing (not emo or mat rep who are useless)
-Tanned skin
-Don't too over protective
-Able to 'tahan' my humour

Have meh? No right, if got, i need to wait for 10 years more to find this type of guy. My mom and dad always remind me that, for teenages, we called it 'cinta monyet'. Mom and dad do not like girls who wears open clothing. I hate it when couples who are in love. Saying that i love you lah what lah. But when the part of arguing, satu dunia kau kutuk. All bull8 stuff come. Curse yoour gf/bf at the blog. Ni lah kate panggil 'Cinta Monyet'.

Well, i only have this guy in my mind. Ouh! I don't know what to say. Till here now, i gtg. Bye poops!