Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Today, i woke up and saw both my brother laying on the sofa at living room. I saw second brother right hand kena bandage. So i thought nothing, and i say 'Ouh, okay'. Go to my brother's bedroom, grandma told me that second brother had an accident yesterday night. My face was like 'uh, really uh?' I went out again and asked him what happend. He's injured and cannot talk much. Then i realise, his whole body was bandage. LOL, not the whole thing la. The joints part.

The knees, the elbows, the feet. I asked what happended. Since everyone was lazy to answer my question, i went back inside to grandma and asked her what happend.

She told me that yesterday, around 10.00pm plus, brother was on his way to picked Kak Ifa at her workplace with his friends who also ride motorbike. At the 4 junction near Rosewood, a taxi go 'hantam' him. Then i went outside, brother continued the story. Haha! He said, he was going straight and the taxi wanted to turn right. The taxi should stop and let him go straight but instead, the taxi 'hantam' him.

He then said, that the impact was so fast that he throw his bike while he slide himselves on the road. Thats why, his stomach also kena bandage too. Kiwek, abang aku racer siol! LOL. Then after telling me the stroy, i go take a pail of water and put some ice. Then throw the water at him. LOL, no lah, carzy or what? I took a cloth and wiped him lorrr. Althought i got a geli-geli feeling to touch him. Hahahaha! Then few minutes later, first brother change his clothes and shorts which was covered with blood. Aiyo, boleh pengsan lor!

Few minutes later, Kak Ifa came to picked him and first brother to claim insurance. Blah blah blah , leave me alone at homw with grandma. Nothing to do, i spent time at home by watching tons and tons of CDs at home alone. The best CD that i watched today was 'A Walk To Remember'. Now, waiting for mom to cooked.;) Im dead bored right now. Anyway, anyone free this coming friday? Go breakfast with my poops and me.

Next week, first paper of N-level will start. Gosh! And i have not touch any of the book in my bag. And also, i don't feel like studying. Haiya, come on farrah! Don't be a lazy pig.

Ouh ouh, my tears have been reserve for 'Blessing Day' which will be held on this Thursday. Mr S told us that, Thursday will be the Saddest day ever happend to 4TEAM8. So lets wait.:)

Okay, im done here! I'hv been writing this post like a compo for Mdm Suzanna. LOL!
Alright, till here then. ;D

With love,
Farrah <3