Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Today i'll be joining the 'kaki gerek' to breakfast. But they still not comfirm yet. Since its the last minutes everyone plan. Actually, planning with malay boys are more 'leceh' compare to the chinese boys. How about eurasian guys ? *kening up-up* If they cancel it, i'll be going out with my other friends. Hah . Im so famous that everyone asked me out. LOL. Macam f. Anyway, today is the last day of N-level Phase 1. Wohho! So now till 5 october, all we need to do is study study study.

Guess what? That someone sat opposite me. Alah, sit opposite me also can lah. Hah. So macho!
I hope the 'kaki gerek' could comfirm with me a.s.a.p ! I need to study. Cheh! Like real, i need to comfrim with my friends if im going. Urgh! Nie lah lelaki melayu sejati. Hah.

To kill time, lets talk about my N-level paper.

I didn't know that Listening Compre N-level paper, can take back home. Hah. Till Monday.-.- After all paper finish, i could see that people would discuss anwser outside. So kecoh. Erm, english was alright. I still cannot forget that i called Linda; Walking Man! Hahahaha!

Okayokay, i need to go now. I need to comfirm if they're going. I'll update soon, so stick around aye?

With love,