Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yesterday was his birthday party at Changi Aloha!
Wanna know what happend? Continue reading okay? Promise, ok best.

Firstly, lets start my story with school. Well, in the morning, dear fadhil, shahril and my BIG buddy; CH went up the stage to receive their respective prizes. Congrats once again. Im proud of you three gentleman. Cheers!! Went back to class soon after Fadhil give a short and simple speech. Soon as everyone settel down, Mr S told us that he and Mdm Y are proud of us. And thanks to the three gentlemen, our class are now well-known. :) Mr S left the class while Mdm Y stayed for MT lesson. Just as Mr S left, 5mins later theres a fight. -.-"  And my favourite guy was one of them. Linda rushed to the G.O to get help from Miss S and Mr Farascame and calmed one guy. While the other guy, Mr G bring him out of his sight. I dont' wish to elaborate more or write their name here.

One teacher was injured and i hate that guy who made the teacher lip bleed. CPA lesson, 'he' came in. Apologise to the teachers and us. He cried and at that point of time, only god knows what how i felt that time. Hoping that he would not get suspended for N, i think. For the other guy. I dont' know what happend. Just after 'he' finish his speech and left. I went to the toilet and saw the other guy. Sitting outside library. And i tried to waved and smile to him. He was calmed and smiled back.

After school, i went back home straight. My mood swing after the incident. I dont' know why, maybe dissapointed ?  And i planned not to go to Dennis's Party. But Frankie called and at last, i decided to go. Meet them and BNS. And waited for 'anak president' peyy lame. -.-" We board the train. There were Linda, Nadia, Yass, Begam, Ayu, Imah, Me, Frankie and Rifdi. Sit seperately. Uhm, after hearing the story, all i can say is 'PATHETIC'.  Nilah lelaki zaman sekarang kan? Anyway, alight at City hall. And the people was like ants. I think most of them go F1, maybe. And board the other train. Alight at Pasir Ris. Meet GF! I was board to death with no jokes.

Then waited for Shutter bus few minutes, we realised that the shutter bus time was till 1515. And we reached at 5-6 plus? Begam and Co. left us there while they took the cab straight to Dennis's Party. Those who are left there, was like a bunch of idiot. Do not know what to do. So we decided to seperate our way. Which means, Linda and Co plus me and GF wait for Dennis dad to picked us up. While Eugenia and Co plus Rifdi and Frankie took the Mrt then bus. As soon as we reached Dennis party, first thing i saw was Mitch! Didnt' come to school ahhh. Then the others who took bus reached. Night falls, the atmosphere was great. The smoke from the bbq was killing my eye. GF and i chop a place not far from the bbq place. We chatted and gossip. Alah.. like gossip girls larh gitu.

Then Frankie and Rif came and joined us. Joan joined too. We played cards etc etc. After that, i and GF sat at the bus stop and shared some stories. No wait, manyyyyy stories. We bring food too. Then Frankie joined us. And we took photos.

 My favourite part was, playing with this small cat which i called it 'Dobat'. Lol, which maens cute from idk which country. Ouhouh! Another cute moment was when the boys took off their shirt. And the girls? Just melt when we saw their solid body. ~.~  Cuci mata skali-skale takpe kan ? Hahaaa!  Then the boys 'bashed' Dennis and took off his shirt. Shy shy. Lol! Soon, Tasha and Yana came. Eat and chatted. Then its CAKE TIME! Dennis was cute when he cut the cake. Took lots of photo but its with Yana. Its blueberry! Yummms~ Then few people already went home. Tinggal lah sikit orank. Tasha and Frankie played cards. While Me, GF, Linda, Yana and Rif sit in a circle and chatted and chatted. Then Linda told GF that her sister could not send her home. So what to do, GF and Ayu went home together.

I accompanied GF till bus stop. Andand i saw someone watching us from the chalet. Stalker siol. If you know who you are, and if you're reading this, just......... SMILE! Hahaaa. After they board the bus. I get board, waiting for Linda sister to picked us up. Then once her sis reached, we board the lorry. At one moment, something makes me want to laughed but i tahan. GF should be there. We will laughed to death i think. Hehhh~  Its 11 plus already and the journey was kecoh. Shared jokes and laughed. The Frankie said; "Macam final destination sey". Because theres two BIG lorry on both side. Urgh, how scary. Then the atmosphere was cold. If only .... nevermind.

Once reached woodland, all drop off there. We went to our seperate ways. While i called GF and told her to accompanied me on the phone. While waiting for my brother to picked me up at the taxi stand. Im too lazy and i want to save my ez-link card money. Well, the day was fun. Im happy that i went to the party. Okay, tata poopys!~