Saturday, October 3, 2009


Yesterday, after school. GF didnt' came to school. AGAIN. And i should not be going to school. But since N-LEVEL is around the corner. Wait... let it be on MONDAY! >.< urgh! Im so stress. Anyway, i stayed back with Linda and Nad. Few minutes, Nad had to go for birthday party? By the way, thank you. :)

I and Linda had a stressful yet wonderful day together. Plus, Nash joined us. And we argued about which wire connected to the fuse. Lol! We even asked strangers who was sitting beside us. A chinese guy ~.~  We moved from one placed to another. Cause ..... i dont' know why. At last, we decided to sat at the teachers table. So cooling since theres' fans. We played Laptop which Nash brought along. Videoing while studying. Cool kan? We shared joked so that the situation wont' get bored. :B

Today, Saturday, i decided to spend my weekends with them again. Yes, my new study partners. Harrr! We met at 9.00am at KFC 888. I was the first to arrived. Wahhh, first time seyy cepat. Harr. Then Linda came. We go in first since i knew Nash was late. No wait .... VERY LATE! We ate breakfast first. Then we studied. Nice and a cooling place. After a looooooooooong hours inside, we decided to changed place. To a warm yet windy place. We went to Rifdi's house. Got RC but, got alot of people go raye. Their meeting point.

Then find some spot ***B? Then get started. Started revising ? Nahhhhh .. i mean NOT! We studied few chapters then we started webcaming and youtube-ing. Harrrr! Orank yang cuma hanya belajar pada waktu pagi sahaja *wink-wink*. Pictures is with Nash. Uhm, overall all the things happend today was great. I cant' wait to meet them tommorow. Ohhhhhh, what a great day :)

When you look me in the eyes, you tell me that you love me.