Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hello poopys! Im back la. Miss me anot ah? So anyway, i didnt update my dusty blog because i got an accident. bike accident. My face all got scar. Fierce anot? Hah! Just kidding. I still got my face. Holiday holiday holiday! SUCKBIG TIME! I miss my 3team8 people. I dont know if they miss me anot.

Im working at Gelang now. As waitress. No lah. I work at BATA. and im enjoying myself. Except that the ****ing boss is a molester. Okay, this one very the serious one okay. no laughing matter. Working there, i met few new friends. (:

Nadh, Faezah, Nuraini , Jing er and Shamimi.... oPSSS! Shamini. Only some people knows la. Uhm, i got no pictures of allof them yet. Soon... maybe. I and Nadh met lots and lots of new people. Haha! Starhub guy, Pastamania, Hair like bird nest. Name it! Well, i and Nadh getting closer till my boss say that we could not work on the same timing. Stupid molester!

Lets talk about yesterday! I was sick yet i went out and went back home in the morning. Hah! Boo was so worried. Any, I spent my night and morning with Im,Qal,Bob (haha!) and Nadh. We met at 9. Went to the Titanic at cwp. And chill. Qal came later. We played cards and laughed like noone bussiness there. Nadh went home first. Then the 4 of us go pasar malam and buy food. Eat nearby there. Went back to Titanic. Not even 3 games of tai-ti. Qal said he still hungry. Haha! It was freaking cold siaa. We go pee first. then went to pasar malam again to buy food. Then went straight home!By then it was 1 plus. Lets meet again soon aye?

But sadly, Im needs to go NS this Friday. HAHA!

Aye, till here then. See ya when i see ya.

Btw, this tuesday pit at Pasir Ris. Please inform Amat if u're going aye. He will haunt you to get $20. Heh! Bye!