Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pooooooooof!! Damn, my blog damn dusty siaa. Sorry fans,   For not updating my dusty blog for .... a couple of months. Comp down and lazy to pay bills. Haha!  Sooo im at GF's crib to update blog and watch porn. HAH! no lah, im still a good person okay.

Well, firstly, i would like to wish...


I didnt get the chance to wish you this many on my msg to you. But yeah, at least i write it here.

Firstly, happy birthday aye! Didnt get the chance to wish ya face-to-face. May you have a brighter future and lead a happy and wonderful life(: Ingat don't go clubbing,as what you said: "Mak aku ckp, klau masok tempat cam gitu. Teros pegi nerake" Hah. And lastly, wish you all the best in everything. :D

Okayokay. Lets get back to my story.
Last tuesday, was suppose to be our 4TEAM8 outing. Wahhhh. -.-   But ended up, canceling the outing. Stupid. But Fai called me up and asked if i still want to go out. Like duhhh, i was getting ready and even asked my boss for off on that day. So i said yes. Ended up, Me,Fai, Rif and Hinz who went out together. GF could not make it since she need to take care of her sibs.

We meet up at 315, bns. And i was late, caus i need to bath and make-up. Alah,you know,girls! Hah. Padahal make-up tk seberaper. Then trained to Orchard. We walked at ION. It was cold + raining outside. Haiya. Then we walked to Far East to had out lunch. Since everyone havent eat yet. Went to CAHAYA. I ordered Nasi Pataya and bandung. Mmmmmm, yumms gitu. Then Hinz opended upa few questions. That keep me thinking till now.

Next, from Far East, we WALKED to PlazaSing. Imagine how far was that huh? While walking, we talked and took some pictures. Anddd, i could not open the files.Stupid Hp. Anw, we alked around the mall. And i was bored, since the 3 guys kept talking about girls. Orang mat-salleh pulak tuh. Aku korang tak nak pandang XP hahaaa!! Bedek je. Uhm,  then we AGAIN WALKED to Esplanade. Tired, damn tired. While walking, saw Zaki and gang. Wahhh, GF miss him. Haha! I still remember when he told GF Keem, that theres a new shop at level 8 at CWP. And we realise that the mall was till level 6. hah.Cb.

We 'rest' near the four stick or whatever you people call it.

Before reaching Esplanade, we saw these lights and find it interesting -.-

Reaching esplanade. Chilled near the sea. Talked some stuff and listened to songs. Just a nice feeling, haha.

About 0900 hours, we trained back home and decided to have dinner/supper at Mac, civic, Hah. And i saw Jacob! Hheh.

OK! Till hereonly aye. Im tired, and im going off to work soon. See ya when i see ya!