Tuesday, August 24, 2010


OKAY. This post is specially dedicated to my beloved friend, HAJAR(:  Smile my girl.

Firstly, im sorry to here what happend to you. After what you told me about that bastard. Pissed off sak aku. Haaa. Macam cb kan? Then u only replay him tu jer. Kalau i, maki satu bakul bahasa hokkien sak ngn dier. Haaa. Cheer up my girl. Kan ade pengganti nyer. Sape lagi kalau bukan Zal yang baik and kacak itu. Haaaa. Im trying my best to cheer my girl up okay. So you better smile ah. Haaa. Dun waste your tears anymore about them. Buat mate merah je. Nanti Zal lari tau. Haaa. I know Zal will be good to you. Kan kan kan? I trust him. Eventhough i don't know much about him((: Well, you're going to move to Indonesia soon. I hope it cancle;D  I know i'm bad. But hye, if you move pon, you can't run away from your problems what. Then later if you come back one day, i don't want you have a relationship with orang Indonesia dongg. Haaa. Rubbish sak ape i bobal. Haaa. Well, cheer up k my girl-girl. Everythings going to be okay.


xoxo Farah