Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Today my day start and end with full of blast and fun people. Serious.
 I came to work at 11.ooam. And i came on time. The shutter was half open. Its' 12.oopm. First thing i thought was Safari. I know she will always have problem. -.-

Came in. And ZUZU was inside. Miss her(: Then she told me that the monitor cannot on. Blow. So could not open the store. After 1.oopm sharp. Then the stora open. After 2 aunty came to replace the monitor. Left me and Safari. Kak Ana and ZUZU went back home after all settle. About 4.oopm, Kak Ana came back. For her shift. Safari went back home. And Hajar came at 5.oopm. The three of us had a blast of time. And as usual. When breakfast time, confirm got many people came to the shop. Late breakfast again!

Finish at 10.00pm. Went home with Hajar. Chilled at Civic. Two rat walked pass us. Eeee! Bought coke and walked at Pasar Malam. Meet Zal at BNS. Went to smoke for awhile. Joking and teasing each other till 11.45pm. Went back home after that. Hajar and Zal was so sweet to accompanied me to my bus. Teman tunggu lagi tuhh. Haaaa. Hajar walked home from Woodland to Yishun. Haaaaha. NOT! Dier ngn Zal macam faham jee. Reach home. And im' lazy to bath.

Okay. Nak sambung tengok Radit Dan Jani at Youtube.

xoxo Farah