Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dear John,



Well, i've been away for months. Heehe. And i dont know if theres any people gonna read my blog. But i'll just update k. I cannot update the latest pictures. Next time k.

8 months, in the life of ITE. Indeed, i miss my kawan-kawan from the previous school. Im' still meeting the guys thou. But the shocking part? My gf. Shes' gone just like that. While she still contacting with the guys, but not me. Why?, don ask.

Im suppoes to breakfast with the guys. I msg her. Still, no reply. See? This is what happend when you promise that you're gonna contact me thou we're in ITE. Sad? Why i huh? You're the one who do not want to contact with me. But i stll have the guys. I couldnt' make it today cause im working. noww..

ITE, hmm. You only close with them in school. But when school ends, we go our seperate ways. Haa. Like seriously. In school, all you do is just sit down and the next thing you know. You and your friends planned to skip class. At the end of the day, you get warning letter. -.-

I know its a longggggg post. But i just havent found he right person to talk bout this. So i guess i just write i all here. Tired? Tmr you continue and read. Hee..

Yes, i know ITE got hot guys right. But when you're there. Like really there, all the guys are like boring. Seriously. They just do not know how to talk. Haaaa. Enough about guys. Im tired talking bout them.

Recently, i celebrate National Day with my friend from work. And okay lah, fun jugak. Another outing was breakfast with them. Again. Eventhough some are youngr than me. At least their attitude are like normal 17 year-old. The boring part, im going out with two couples and me. So they will be loving-loving. While i be the lamp post.

And and, the latest occasion is.... MY BIRTHDAY. Which fall on 18.08.2010.  And all my birthday present are all from COTTON ON.  Boleh tahan jugak. And Kak ifa bought me a Spongebob kek! Celebrate a CWP titanic with the rest. Fun fun fun. Photo will be update soon.

Okay.. its 11.15pm. And tmr im working. So i gtg. Anything, i'll update.

xoxo farah