Monday, August 23, 2010

Dear John,
You know what. Ive' been working for 8 days and im tired. Without any off days. Well, i know that its gonna be worth it by the end of the month. Lol. Gaji mesti BOOM. School gonna start soon. And i have a mix feeling. Feel excited to meet friends. But the upcoming exams. Nahh.

I online today. Well, my 'pm' i wrote 'Dear John'. Mr R wrote his 'pm' 'Nak tengok Dear John'. Well, if u're reading my blog. Its the best show for the time being. For me. A touching movie. Go watch go.

Today i work night shift. And im tired maynne. Tmr still the same shift. Today shahrin aka Janggut never work. Haaa. Wth. Suke laki orang. Haaa. Hajar takleh jealous, kau da ade zal. Haaaaaahaa!! I heard Dini wanna work back. Thursday and Friday. Ouh, Hajar. Don't forget to bring the leather jacket that you want to give me k. Heee.

Okay now. Gtg.

xoxo. Farah