Monday, August 30, 2010


Today school. i never expect that it will be fun. Haaa. Of course lah, got Geok Na, Victor and Habib whattt.

Alarm at 6.15am. Woke up at 6.45am:D Best. Then take my time cause i thought Haz will be late. But she reach earlier than me. Haaa. Nehmind lorr. Then two guy came inside the train. Wahhh, smell like white egg yolk -.- By the time i reach Bishan, its 7.55am. I was suppose to meet Victor Wee at 7.45am. Haaa. Nehmid, guy wait for girl (:

Came school. Old man havent' reach. See? Old man need time to walk:D Waited for Habib to come. Amy reached first. Sleep late again? Take teksi. Good. Haaa. Then Habib came in. Confirm got joke one. Kain Hui came in all went 'WAHHH, DRAGONBALL HAIR'. Break, went to sit at Foyer. Haz skirt wet cause she seat on a wet stair -.- But the JOKE OF THE DAY was Habib. Funny, but idk hot to explain:D

Victor went home first. Ouh! My hanphond pen lost. Babi cibai. Asked them to search for it. Cannot find. Now my Handphone otak already. Cibai. Went home straight cause meeting mmom and brother at CWP. Went to buy things for break-fast. And went to Charles and Keith to buy shoes for the upcoming Hari Raye. Sofa and wardrobe will be delivered on the 2nd September. Cannot wait!

I need to do my project. Wait! Am i doing? No. I lazy. Maybe soon? Hahaaa.

xoxo Farah