Saturday, August 28, 2010


Saturday -.- Another one more day and school reopen. Malas nyer. Nehmind, as long as i meet my amy everyday can already(:

Okay, today i work morning shift with Dini and Lokman(my boss). Was great plus boring. Morning confrim no customer. So i and Dini tengok Thai Express abang. Now i know that the guy is Philipine. WTH? Patut lah hari-hari dier minum air. HAHA. Well, to Gain City nyer abang-abang dah tak laku. Kite dah choose lain clan. HAHA. Sekarang perempuan kat kedai **** dah suke abang-abang kat Pastamania dan Thai Express. Walaupun dier Philipine. LOL.

Abang-abang Pastamania came in the morning. And i told Lokman that the tall and fair guy, Handsome. Our conversation...

Me: 'Man, lelaki yang tinggi tu handsome kan.'
Lokman: 'Biler kau jumpe dier?'
Me: 'Isap rokok'. Then hajar nampak dier.'
Lokman: 'Tau name dier tak?'
Me: 'Tak *SAD FACE*'

Walk towards the two abang..

Lokman: 'Handsome, sape name?'
Him: 'Saye? Shabirin.'
Lokman: 'Shabirin? Okay.'

Lokman then walked towards me and said 'Name dier Shabirin.' -.- Paisey per. Poor thing that Hajar takde:D
The two abang then walked inside that shop and survey the shoes. And walked out. I realised i never 'cair' at all. HAHA. Maybe im not into him. So Hajar, you still ade chance k? But dah ade Zal kan? LOL. I when back at 4.06pm. Mom drove to my work place and picked me up. Cause she need to accompanied Dad to cut a bit of his red hair. AHA! Alright. Im busy with chatting on the phone and on the computer. Till then.

xoxo Farah