Sunday, August 29, 2010


Dad kept singing Malaysia song 'GEMILANG'. HAHA!

Tmr school start, stupid.

Anw, today i'm tired. At work, i'm half dead. Many people came into the shop. And i, ALONE, serve them. I'm not in a good mood in the morning. Till i get my pay $$)) HAHA! Well, in the morning, this MatR came to my work place with his GFwhich is a MinahR. I and Lokman standing there and greet them. Terpakse actually. The guy stared at me and i was like 'What see see, da ade GF tuh buat care ade GF k.' The couple soon went out.Afterwards, in the afternoon, the guy came with his friends. And one of his friend is my 'regular stare-stare' passer-by-.- Small world. And again, the guy in the morning came. Stared at me and once he pointed at me. Lokman said 'Ape kau tunjuk-tunjuk girl aku ah?' LOL. Then they walked away. Tau pon takut eh.

Anw,Hajar being so sweet today. Came to work sooo early to meet me. Awwww. Nasib baik perempuan. HAHA. She came jeee, the shop became noisy. She talked alot today. And shared something with me. Laki tu nak mintak sepak sak pegang kau. Relaxs, pape aku suroh Zal hentam dier sampai tangan dier cacat k. Zal kan MatR. LOL. Okayokay, you know whats cute of this Hajar and Zal?

Something happend to Hajar lately. Then she msg-ed Zal about it. Then suddenly Zal was infront of the shop. He want to see if anything happend to Hajar. Cute kan? Klau aku, nak msg sape sakk. HAHA! Abang aku pe:D Yelah, orang tkde matair kan -.- Yesterday, i msg-ed Hajar about some random guy. Asked for her advice. She's good in it. And i still havent' made up my mind yet. Msg you tonight k babe:D

Well, i went home at 5.oopm. ALONE. So i went shopping alone for awhile. Buy some things which has finish. Now is 10.19pm. And im sleepy. wth. Tmr school, malas dehh. To him, ily(:

xoxo Farah