Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Abang-abang Gain City are so miang and gatal. Please okay, satu muke sume macam atuk orang, lagi satu pendek macam penguin and lagi satu gemok tapi cute. LOL. I nd Fiqah went to the shop since its just opposite my work place and its near. I wanted to buy hair straightener. Fiqah asked for me..

Fiqah: Excuse me. Hair straightner philips beraper?
Guy: $42. But kalau you beli. I bagi you sume discount.
Fiqah and my face -.- and walked away. _|_

One day, i want my boyfriend to know that i'm still a virgin. Hahaaa. No lah, i want him to know that i'm happy eventhough in the future, he will dump me. Cause he still the guy that i used to love and cherish:B
I know who! SIMON LI something. Shit, i forgot his name. Any-to-the-way, he dye his hair brown already. He very sexy when he coffee just now:D
I delete the kiss. No need kiss can what.
Her hair O.O
Cool shit lah.
chanel ice cream cone. Interesting concept.
Stupid white spots. _|_
You, remember this word you always said "Big hug for you, KADABABOOOMMM!"
Sweet memories.
Yesterday, i slept at 5 in the morning. Webcam with Hasif. Lucky he talked alot. If not, boring. I hope his hair turns out well. PLEASE! (: