Thursday, September 2, 2010


I like Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. They make a perfect couple together. The guy is cute, handsome and the girl is beautiful and cute. I love them can?:B

Today i woke up at 11.oo in the morning. I didn't attend school today. More and more i have the feeling of skipping school. I'm too lazy to study and wake up morning every weekdays _|_  Can i quit school? -.-

New dining table set came in the morning. Wee!~ Then go bathed and went out with brother to catched movie. Suppose to watch Step-Up 3D but CWP don't have already-.- So we watched Vampire Suck at 1.4opm. I rated the movie 2/10. Rubbish and totally LAME. Before you say anything, I HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR. But most of the part was totally lame sia. Kes pakse orang ketawe. Watse my 12bucks. CB.

After that, went Courts. To collect the free gives that we get. Either the process is f*uking long or the lady is flirting with my brother. We came about 3.oopm. I start work at 4.oopm. Confirm got time pe. But this lady kept asking my brother to sign then photocopy the sheet. Then came back and went back to photocopy. That cycle happend for 1hr already. Joking with my brother. Please k, my brother not interested:B It was f*cking slow, so i went ork first which was about 4.15pm _|_

Then reached work. Safari and Lokman went home. So left me and Kak Ana. Gerek per. Talk all the way. But sale good okay. I sold 3 pair that cost $49.95 EACH. haha. I love my job(: Then i ask her one question..

Me: " Kak, lelaki nie susah ehk nak ckp dier suke kite?"
Her: "Memang!"
Me: "Then either kawan lame or kwn luar bagus untok jadikan matair?"
Her: "Bagusnyer, kawan lame."
Me: "Asal ah?"
Her: "Pasal kau da tau dier lame kan."

Asked her one private question..

Me: "Should i like the person that i'm comfortable with?"
Her: "Mestilah. Klau kau suke *** abeh kau tk comfortable buat ape! Lagi baik kau pegi kat **, pasal kau comfortable ngan dier."
Me: "Ouh. Okaylah klau gitu."

Brother suppose to fetch me. But he need to clean up the house. So i went back home alone): Reached home about 10.30pm. Washed my face. Thought of chatting with Myeera on the phone but shes tired. Alahhhh, nak bobal ngan sape today?):

xoxo Farah