Thursday, September 16, 2010

Come on girl, its 2010 already. You need to take jokes eventhough its lame or rude. So why take my previous post so seriously?  -.-

Today went to school. At 9am(: I woke up late and msg gang 11 to meet up at Coffee Shop. Then meet Mr Chia to help us print 2 project that we till owe them. Haha. Gang 11 pass their RTP test. Two thums up! After that, we went for our VSM presentation. Boring can? The atmosphere so different from RTP presentation. No laughing or craping around.

After presentation, we stay awhile in the classroom. Since it is the last day of school, we want to spend time with gang 11. But Kain Hui and Hui Min went home first. So the 4 of us stay. We had a great great time spending with them. I still remember Badj*j*. Hahahahahahahaha! After we had enough, we went to KOI CAFE to buy drinks. Amy went home first. After buying the drinks, Habib went home. Then Me, Haz and Victor went to J8 rooftop to relax. Then we went down to take a look at Mooncake. Expensive-.-

Few minutes, we went home. Cause i need to go M'sia. Reached back home at 10.30pm. I lazy to update much. I only update fun part. My darling haven't confirm if he's joining me for the party):