Monday, September 20, 2010

Dear beloved friend,
I know you're feeling down now. And i can't be there as a friend to comfort you now. I heard you misses your ex badly. And your life is so fuck up. Well, as a friend to you, all i can say is eventhough your life is so fcuk up. There's other people whose life even fuck up than you. But some, they just turn their fcuk up life to something not fcuk up. Lol. I don't know how to say to you in person. Cause i feel weird. Maybe you don't tell me just now, cause you feel uncomfortable with me. And you're comfortable with Burah. Nevermind. Sape lah aku. L-O-L. I hope you read this if you ever bump into my blog. Anyway, you still have the best people who are around you. I can't say much. Cause i don't know what the situation really are. I hope you get over whats on your mind k(: Dont stress too much or your face will be old. And noone wants you. Okay, i'm talking rubbish already. Call me or text me or even meet me if you want to share something k. I'll try my best to comfort you. Cehhh, farah baik sey. Haaaha. Take Care k. Don't stress too much. Smile more:D