Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Firstly, i went to school. Was forced by Burah who called me in the morning to wake me up. Well, i went to school because there was a last minutes CA. Suck, yes. But what to do, life goes on -.-

Tmr no lesson, cause all Retail call got some business setup. And we're selling drinks. Knowing that other class, also sell drinks. The SAME drinks we're selling, feel like throwing Acid at their stall. Kepo Nabey Pig _|_
Anw, i have this feeling that tmr gonna be a blasting time for us. Lol. Why?, cause tmr we can earn money $.$ Haha. After school, went to my workplace to collect new uniform. It's RED. Weeee!~

Okay, here's the picture of us yesterday. I lazy to write. You see picture can already k. Anw, I LOVE MY SONY NEX-5 RED CAMERA:D

AYE! I don't know why i get tired so easily nowadays. And this year Raye so not happening as last year. The only thing that i can't wait is outing with my beloved secondary school friends. I know it's gonna be totally excitment! I can't wait to meet Acul, Fai, Lan, Burah etc etc. Wait, i still can't believe that i'm talking good about Burah. Haha! Cause we're like totally enermy no.1. Haha. Well, let bygones be bygones. I know i'm writing rubbish now. Haha. Well, i'm tired now. I wanna study. HAHA. Like real:D

xoxo Farah