Friday, September 17, 2010

May all your wish came true:B
I hope you like the boots that i bought for you as a present.
Don't talk about the past k. Let bygones be bygones.
And i love your party. Heh~

In the morning, brother woke me up. Asking if i want to eat Manhattan. I was like 'what?'. I woke up soon after he kept asking the same question to me. So i dragged myself to the toilet and bathed. We wanted to take taxi. Since brother don't have any coins. So after waiting for a lonnnnnng time, i just realised inside my jeans pocket, i have coins. Hahahahaaa. Brother pissed off. Then trained to Yishun. I saw some people i know in the trained. We went straight to eat. We ordered platter for two, white bait, lime and orange juice.
I want to buy Vans new design shoes. But mum picked us up. So have no time):

After that, i and my secondary school friends went to Burah's birthday party. It was a blast(: I meet the them at 6.30pm at Body Shop. And went to buy Burah's present. Fad spent nearly 90bucks for her present. Tsk. So jealous. Then i bought for her boots which usual price 45bucks but i got discout! :B

Then we accidentally split up. Some took teksi and go first while we walked to her house. Uhm, meet them under Burah's block. Then went up together. I feel uncomfortable at first. Cause its been ages since we last meet up. But after awhile the atmosphere changed. We took a lot of photos but its at Nash camera): One by one went home. In the end, left me, Nash, Linda, Fai and Rif. We chilled at Civic. Talked talked talked and talked about school, attachment etc etc. Then Hinz joined us. A bit awkward. L-O-L. But soon it was okay. Hinz grown up so freaking fast.
I still remember he was wearing pink specs. Funny like jyeah. And when he first time rebond his hair. Took photo inside toilet>.< Memories. He grew from a boy to a men. He's so mature in dressing, attitude etc. After few hours or minutes, i can't remember. We walked home together. On the way, we talked about secondary school life. Awww, how i wish i can go back to secondary school time. Where i could spend more time with them): Reaching at traffic light, we said goodbye to Rif and Hinz. I feel like i don't want to say bye. Let us talked more about secondary school life. Then one by one went their own way.

I love to have class gathering again or anything that make us meet each other. Haaha. But everyone are busy with schools, exams, attachment, overseas something. I LOVE 4TEAM8. Muah!