Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Yesterday i chat with my friend on the phone. I'm most comfortable with him, so i chatted alot with him than some other guys. Well, we talked about alot of things. And i came out with one question 'Did ******* ever gossip about me?' He just said yes. And i asked for details, he never tell): But he told me some clue. I'm sad and dissapointed. Never expect that to happend. Well, friend will come and go right. He told me not to think about it cause its a waste of time.

Enought talking about that bastard. We talked till 5.oo in the morning-.-
The next day i work morning. Haaaha. Thanks eh. I came to work late-.- Sleepy siaa. Now i'm still sleepy. I finish work at 4.oopm. Brother and Mom fetced me from work. We went to Geylang to shop some last minutes stuff. We bought carpet, cakes, chips, fan, lampu kelap-kelip etc. Otw there, he called me. Thought of talking to him till i reach Geylang since its a long journey. But he said later he call me back since i'm with my family. So okay. Ouh, we buy lemang for our break-fast. Weeee~~ Also, i saw Hannah and family. Da lame tk jumpe kau. Hari Raye jumpe k:B

I wanna eat and slack with my brother. Ouhyah, tmr i'm lazy to go school. But in the morning, Brother planned to watch Step-up 3D with me in the morning. Then take his pants at Giodano. And back for. Cause our new sofa set and dinning table which he bought will be deliver tmr afternoon. Tmr gonna be a busy day, i wanna rest k.

xoxo Farah

p/s: don't tell me that i accidentally like him! :/