Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm currently chatting with Danish.

I just realised he changed. For better. In secondary school, i used to have crush on him. LOL.
Well, little did i realised that he is different for what he looked like. Haha.
Very the polite. It hard you know to find guys nowadays that is polite.
He went U.S for attachment for 1 month. Wahhh, confirm fun:D

I love talking to him eventhough its been ages since we contact with each other.
He's an easy-going guy. Love to joke eventhough its knid of odd. IDK why. Haha.
I love when i talk to the person and he talked alot. Hahaha.
Not only anwser me "K". LOL

Danish says:
No idea..
Anw, why the sudden chat eh?

Farah . says:
So far so good. Stress only because of project. Tsk.

Danish says:
Tak pernah2 chat , suddenly nari chat eh

Farah . says:
cause miss chatting with you?
da lame per..

Danish says:
Awww .. Haha

Okay, i wanna chat with him. ciao!