Thursday, September 9, 2010

I still remember on National Day.  We went to some place near the Esplanade. After midnight, i and my peeps went to eesplanade to chill. Firstly, we talked shit. But after GeeGee opended a topic about Love. All talked about it. Zal told us that he don't want to find any girls. And GeeGee told us that guys sucks and more. She totally against guys. Haaha. And Fai fight back for the guys. I was half against boys and girls.. Depends on the situation. We asked Dini and Fai hows life with being attach. Well, at the end of the days, that was the day that i was open. Telling them about this one guy. And i feel that, that night was a sweetest and cutest night that i ever had. I love the atmosphere(: