Monday, September 27, 2010

I wanted to wake up late today. Get some rest. Suddenly, second brother came back from his camp early. Cibai kau. He carry me to living room and asked me to layan him and his friend or girlfriend. I don't know. So i entertain them. Then, they planned to go Far East to do Meeyra extention. I don't want to be a pole later. So i text peeps. Buttshit, all cannot-.- So i guess i'll be the pole later. Trained down to Far East, brother wore Army clothes cause he need to go back his camp at night.

Reached Far East, straight to do Meeyra's hair extention. After that, went for late lunch at CAHAYA. Saw Danish, Heikal and friends. Dah besar ehk sumerrr. Macam abang-abang. LOL.
After lunch, went to buy my JUICY COUTURE braclet. I'm a happy girl! Up next, send brother back to his camp. At Tanah Merah lah sehh. Dayummmmn far okay. After sending him, planned with meeyra last minute. SHEEEEEEEEEESHAAAAAAAA! Weeeeee!~
Trained back to bugis. Walked towards there. Survey, and found a cozy placed. Okay,one part. There's this two coupl. Sitting behind us. Like double date like that. And they us the person who working there to light up the candles. Cute right. But the spoiling part was when a group of abang-abang beside us made a lot of noise which spoiled the atmosphere. LOL. Anyway, i had fun with Meeyra. Lets go for another round okay! End of the month cominnnnnnnng! I'm on the house okay. We go ramai-ramai with Sazwan, Audi and others. For now, let the photos do the talking. xoxo.
Meeyra "bukak mulut besar-besar, ahhhhh"
French Friessssssss!~
muke steam

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