Friday, September 24, 2010

I was working morning shift. When mummy called my work place crying and told me that brother had an accident on the way home.

I'm not in the mood to blog, not in the mood to talk with someone & i'm not in a mood to go out tommorow. Fcuk my mood.

He was riding his darling R1 yamaha. When a lorry cut his lane and come to a stop. Brother knew that he will crash. So he jammed break and fall to his left. To driver never admit his mistake. As soon as brother showed him his Traffic Police card. That myammar guy shut up. Now, brother is not injured seriously. When he was inside the emergency room, he even msg me "Cibai Nabey Fuck Pig Kanina, the doctor cut my ZARA pants. I want to faint. My $200 pants gone." Then i replied, "Good lah. Accident again(:"

First brother had 3 accident with his bike while Second brother had bike accident for 2 time. I wonder how many i will get. LOL. Anyway, after mummy telling me that brother accident, one thing in my mind was to call Fai. Don't asked why. I don't know. Well, the news spread and i heard loveable people wanted to came down to TTSH. But mummy say no need cause brother asked not to be admitted. He want to discharged tonight. Anyway, mummy want to say thank you very much to my beloved friends who concern about this.

PS: Mummy scold brother. Not to ride his bike again. Mummy will buy for him car. So good right.